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April 5, 2009
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XP-Leopard Resource Page FINAL by asilaydyingdl XP-Leopard Resource Page FINAL by asilaydyingdl
I am no longer supporting this project. If you are interested in continuing the project, please see my journal for my project policies!

***June 20, 2010 update***
This update was the result of the requests of many people for a white icon version of the system tray. There is now the option for you to choose between the standard OS X tray with black icons or the white icon version if you use a darker OS X theme. Enjoy the new addition, you asked for it!***

Welcome! I decided that its time to compile all of the most useful FREE Leopard resources on one page so that all Windows XP users can enjoy the look of Leopard quickly and easily. This is the final version of this pack. Any updates from here on out (if there are any) will be for bugs only, if there are any.

Complete Changelog:
-xpsp2res.dll added for wireless system tray icons
-safely remove hardware icon changed
-Black and white icon versions of the system tray added
-stobject.dll and netshell.dll updated.
-Now added a stobject.dll and netshell.dll to the download so you can emulate the OS X system tray with fewer applications!
-Added a DisableRollback registry edit to the download (prevents windows from reverting the shell32.dll file to its normal state) If you experience issues with a reoccuring autorun update, see this link for assistance [link]
-New log out icon (in log off windows dialog) and better themeui/shell32 sidebar bitmaps.
-Added a smart folder icon for findexer sidebar.
-Added a mydocs.dll and xpsp1res.dll.
-Added Mac Sounds! Tweaked msgina.dll and shell32.dll so they have matching logout/shutdown dialogs and better, more leopard-feeling buttons.
-Tweaked some more bitmaps for accuracy and consistency.
-Added an all new msgina.dll so the log off and shutdown dialogs have a Mac feel.
-Completely new explorer, with all new icons and start menu tooltip! My apologies for the first explorer... it was totally inaccurate, I should not have included it.
-Tweaked themeui with some new bitmaps.

Last update issued: May 16, 2009

Download information:

The download on this page contains a shell32.dll, themeui.dll, msgina.dll, mydocs.dll, xpsp1res.dll, xpsp2res.dll, explorer.exe, stobject.dll, netshell.dll, icon refresh utility, registry keys (these are all for XP only!), Desktop4ever mod, Leopard sounds, and all the bitmaps I used to create or modify the previous items. Download them, and using the read me file, install those files on your system. Full directions are provided with the download. You can also use the bitmaps and the screenshot provided on this page to help guide you.

Next, I will list resources that will help you achieve the look of Mac OS X Leopard on your system. Be sure to follow the instructions the authors provide with these items, and all will go well with you and will go quickly. Let me know if any links are broken.

***I would recommend a minimum of 512 MB of RAM for anyone planning to use the freeware applications below. I heard a report of these apps working decently down to 256 MB, however.***

User interface:

Leopard visual style: [link]
Wallpaper: [link]
Flurry screensaver: [link]
Leopard Fonts: [link]
Leopard Finder: [link]
Leopard alt + tab: [link]
Leopard Sound, CD eject, brightness: [link]
Leopard Spotlight: [link]
Leopard Desktop settings manager: [link]
Leopard Clock (set font to Lucida Grande, black, size 9): [link]
Leopard Styler: [link]
Leopard System Preferences: [link] and [link]
Leopard TrueTransparency skin: [link]
Leopard for IconTweaker: [link]
Findexer (for Leopard-style sidebar): [link] and [link] and [link]
System tray icons (use resource hacker to apply): [link]
Taskbar Transparency with transbar: [link]
Leopard drop shadows and menu transparency: [link]

Expose, spaces, and widgets

Leopard Spaces: [link] and the taskbar icon [link]
Expose: [link]
Notes and widgets with Yahoo! widgets: [link]
You could also try Avedesk: [link]


Leopard Dock: [link]
Reflective icons for dock (for those using objectdock, rocketdock, or other docks): [link] and [link]
Dock skin (for rocketdock): [link]
Dock stacks (for rocketdock): [link]

Internet and email:

Leopard for Firefox: [link]
Leopard for Thunderbird (AMAZING THEME): [link]

Log on/Log off/restart

Leopard LogonUI: [link]
Leopard for stardock Bootskin: [link]

That should about do it... everything in one place! Enjoy!

Creator of the original Mac Sounds ?????
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i have win xp sp3. do I need to disable registry before I do all this? thanks
asilaydyingdl Featured By Owner May 31, 2012
You do not need to do nothing involving the registry except what the downloads instruct you to do. As always, modifying the registry can be dangerous if done incorrectly so modify it at your own risk. You need to disable Windows File Protection and patch your uxtheme.dll before you can use this. The directions are provided in the description and the download.
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can you please make a single exe file so I can install it with easily? thank you
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I'm no longer supporting this, sorry!
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Greeeat! :)
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